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Fees/ Info




We can give $50 a night (max. $100), if you have 15 rooms booked. 


USA Hockey teams must submit a valid USA Hockey Roster. Upon acceptance of registration, we will hold a spot for you for 14 days. Remit/ Make payment to:  UHT, 477 Dunlay Street, Wood Dale, IL 60191.



All games 3 stop periods

AGE LEVEL           PERIOD          WISC. /STL             CHICAGO


               Mite                       11min              $995.00                   $995.00              

          Squirt                    12min              $995.00                    $995.00        

            Peewee                  12 min             $995.00                    $995.00             

              Bantam                  13 min             $1095.00                 $1095.00           

  Girls Divisions       12 min             $995.00                    $995.00 

    Midget/ H.S.          13 min             $1295.00                  $1295.00 

   Teams may register by completing the registration form and sending with full payment or a $350.00 deposit. 30 days prior to tourney date the entire entry fee is due. If a team is not accepted into the tournament, all money will be returned. If a team doesnt use our preferred hotels then a $350 charge is added to the entry fee. 


For 2018-19, we use USA Hockey's age groups when assigning divisions:

Level                          Birth Years

      Mite                           2010 and younger

 Squirt                          2008 and 2009

 Pee Wee                    2006 and 2007

  Bantam                      2004 and 2005

   Midget/Varsity/JV       1999 thru 2003

Skill Levels

B, C, D, and House levels - Generally teams chosen through a draft, in which all players within an organization are assigned to a team, with the goal of creating teams of equal skill level, within their own organization, with no players "Cut" and bronze travel teams. In states with A,B,C,D designations, we fully understand that C is the 3rd team at the organization, and we do great research to pair up teams to have equal competition.

 AA Level - generally the "best" or first picked travel team within a Tier II organization. These teams will often consist primarily of "Second" or "Major" aged players within the age group. In some cases, Major A teams are also a more appropriate fit for this level.

  A Level - generally the second, or lower, travel level team chosen within a Tier II organization. These teams will consist primarily, but not necessarily exclusively, of "first year" or "minor" aged players within the age group. As there are many variations in "A" level teams, great care is taken in matching "A" teams of appropriate skill level to create balanced and competitive division.

The tournament director will place teams within appropriate skill level to provide the best competitive opportunities for all team. Brackets can contain all local teams or teams you have played in the past and that is the registrants risk. Anyone cancelling may lose there monies and incur a fine to cover costs of other teams in the bracket and UHT damages  within 10 days of the tourney start date

Tournament Features

* All Tournaments - Four game minimum,

* No curfews, all games played in completion


We are a for profit company and have enjoyed helping the local associations with over one million dollars of revenues

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